Jean used to be a introvert & shy kid. She seldom wants to mix around with people or meet new friends. Being joined D’Garden for one and a half year, there have been some positive changes on her. She started from a child who was afraid to go to Kindergarten and now has transformed to someone who will take the initiate to set alarm clock herself in order to wake her up to K every day. 
Every time I pick her up from D’Garden, she cannot wait to share with me what she has learnt from K along the journey. Things like she learnt new phonics/words/songs, teacher praised her and she got new stickers from teacher, she made a piece of nice art work, the teacher told them a funny story, etc. etc….. She enjoyed her kindergarten schooling and we shared her happiness too. She showed interest in every learning and missed his friends whenever school holiday started. As parents, nothing is happier than seeing our child looking forward to school learning and studying.
D’Garden always organizes activities filled with fun, learning and discovery. There is one thing I’m so surprised to hear from her is that she asked me to do recycling. For example, whenever I finish using a bottle/can, she requested me to collect them for recycling purpose. Besides that, she is able to differentiate the material to be recycled for the 3-color recycling bins. ie: Blue used for paper, brown used for glass and orange used for aluminium tins, steel tins, and plastic. I feel so glad that she is educated and instilled to love our nature from a tender age.
I especially like the holiday programme called ‘Little Kitchen Genius’. She has not only gained knowledge on table etiquette & manners, how to prepare food and etc, she has also learnt to appreciate food. Jean used to be picky-eater. After attending the cooking programme, She has learnt not to waste food and will finish the food every time that I prepared for her.
All the teachers are so friendly and interested in the children. They often devote individual attention for each children.  I really appreciate the fact that when we come in the mornings we are always greeted with smiles and good mornings from all of the staff. In a nutshell, I look forward to enrolling my second child to unleash her fullest potential here!


'About two years ago when I was looking for a kindy for my girl, I was hoping to get a brand new 

school with less students, more dedicated teachers and less academic-oriented kindy. I am happy that I found what I want and I can said that I feel confident and have peace in my mind everytime I let her go into the school, knowing that she will be in good hands. 

Last but not least I hope Degarden will continue to serve the community to prepare an environment which is
safe, fun and happy for the children of today.'

Ashling's mummy


I'm so happy to have found De Garden. My daughter has been attending De Garden for 7 months now, and she has made outstanding progress ever since. My daughter love coming to school and learning new things, which is creating a strong foundation for enthusiasm for her education. She is always so excited to go to school and comes home with new words, numbers, nursery rhymes, and skills to share. She has also become a lot more independent and social since attending. My husband and I really can't say enough good things about this school and all of the dedicated staff especially Teacher Gouri. From what I've seen, all the teachers there are so incredibly caring and attentive to all the children that attend, which is exactly what parents want for their children. I am so grateful to feel confident that I have a safe and loving space for my children. I never hesitate when I drop her off in the morning, and she is always playing happily when I pick her up. Thanks De Garden!!

Sweet Ee Mom, Lee Ching


  Sam & Leanne has been with De Garden since they were toddlers. Having been very happy here, we won't hesitate to recommend De Garden to our friends. We now are reaping the rewards of watching them excel academically and socially. Not only is the curriculum fantastic, but they have wonderfully qualified, attentive & committed teachers watching over her.
   Since the class count is low, we know that they are getting any one-on-one attention they may need with new or hard to grasp material. In addition, we know that if they are comfortable and proficient with a concept, their teachers are finding creative ways to make their learning and practicing challenging.

While we are finding Sam & Leanne are benefiting from the class academically, they are also growing socially as well. They are being taught the values, ideals and morals.

   Overall, we are very pleased with our choice for our daughter's education. We know beyond a doubt that they will excel in primary school and will take with them wonderful values that they had learned at De Garden

-Proud De Garden Happy Garden parents


Thank you very much for great effortstaking care of my girl Jin Xuan since she joined D'garden. 

Duly appreciated for everything we will miss all the teachers & all the best for everyone.

D'garden is the Best!!

- Jin Xuan Parent


I'm mother of Yap Heyley from Class Cheerful DIno 3. I am writing this letter as an appreciation to all teachers who were supportive and helpful. They were taking care my girl so well and everything was so well organized.

Allow me for my long-winded expression, i feel very thankful that i make the right choice to send my girl to your centre. I sincerely aplogize to those teachers, who need to handle my girl mood swing when she went to your centre sometimes. Anyhow, i really impress that your teacher never fails to return me a cheerful girl after the day. I realize she change a lot, besides showing her interest in singing and dancing, i notice she adapted few languages which really surprise me as we only communicated in one language at home. It was amazing when my child share with me what she had learned in your Centre everyday.

I'm sure all the credit  goes to the teachers who work so hard to raise my girl. As a mother, I felt heartened with the sharing reponsibility from your excellent team. I am taking this opportunity to thank your team and apologize for not being coorperated sometimes due to my preoccupied with my job.

Thank you for hiring such experienced teacher and provides such a positive experienced for my girl in her early childhood.  

-Jessie Lim 
Mother of Yap Herley
class of cheerful Dino 3 


感谢D’garden 带给巧雯这么丰富难忘又愉快的童年。 谢谢Laura 院长和老师们对孩子的照顾与教导, 让他学习了许多,这里真的是很适合让孩子来习的地方!感谢老师们这么辛苦的为孩子们办活动,也用心的与我们家长交流。谢谢,感恩!



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